A baggage compartment is situated under the engine, behind the firewall. It goes all the way across and and has doors on both sides. The trailing edge of the wing is 48" from the ground so it should not be that awkward to squat down to place bags inside and close the door. When you include the space next to the back seats for also placing carry-on size bags, you can comfortably carry 4 people and 4 carry-on size bags without feeling the slightest bit cramped. Note that you still have additional space under the front and rear seats.
With the top right side engine cowling off we'll take a closer look at the baggage space. Here you can see the engine mount for the turboprop option that is located above the baggage space. The diesel engine mount will be similar and we will be engineering it for minimal interference with the baggage space.
This image shows how much space is in the baggage compartment. The engine is located in the top two thirds of this space with baggage in the lower third.

For additional storage the nose has a door that hinges from the front allowing not only access to the nose gear for maintenance but also as an extra baggage area. In general this will only be used for light items as weight here dramatically affects the center of gravity.
With the nose compartment door open you can see there is space above and to both sides (see below) of the nose gear housing. There will be light-weight cover panels covering the nose gear housing so anything that is placed in this compartment does not interfere with the nose gear.

Presently we don't have any aircraft systems in this area so it's all available for light baggage. That may change in the future but the fuselage width of the Raptor has given us loads of space to work with for systems. This compartment door is securely hinged at the front and flanged on all sides for a snug, seamless fit when closed. There will be latches that hold it closed but in general it will be easy to open so you can quickly store your plane cover, jackets, cleaning supplies or whatever you need as long as the items are relatively light.
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