The Raptor comes with an integrated BRS whole air frame parachute system. The chute is connected to the air frame in three places. The rear connection point is on the engine mount and the front points are on the top of the two A pillars. The loads are transferred down the A pillars and into the forward bulkhead by an additional brace that is integrated into the door frame. 

The straps are hidden in shallow channels indented into the roof skin. They are then covered with a thin carbon skin and painted over so you will not even see them. 

In the unlikely event that you will need to deploy the chute the ballistic rocket motor will fire vertically from the engine bay and drag the chute upward. The straps will pull the covers off as they tighten. 

This system will give you and your passengers peace of mind.

Here you can see the half inch diameter mounting pin that feeds though the eye in the parachute strap to transfer the load to the air frame. The straps are about 2 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick and are made of kevlar. The bolt that holds the strap in place is inserted through a hole that is inside the door hinge frame on the right side of the strap mount in this picture. This allows easy access if there is a need to remove or replace the strap.

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