Door Latching System

With the door trim in place the latches are almost completely hidden. Here you can also see how the retractable door step integrates into the door trim so it tucks neatly out of the way of the pilot and co-pilot.
The outer door handle integrates into the door skin and is completely flush. 
To open it you press on the front side and that brings the rear side out so you can grab it.
At about 25 degrees open the system engages and pulling it further will unlatch the door. Similarly, when closing, it will not engage the latches until about half way closed. At that point pushing it all the way in closes the 9 latches. We still have to design the system that locks the door but that is relatively straight forward.
The inside door handle is integrated into the arm rest but has a recess on the forward edge that allows you to easily get your fingers under it to pull it upward to open the door.
Here you can see how it is an integral part of the arm rest.
Here is the inner door handle in the fully opened position. There is enough gap between it and the door trim to allow you to have a firm grip on it to pull the door shut.
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