Let's face it, you buy an aircraft for the interior and with a 62" wide cabin at the pilot shoulders and 61" in the rear seats there is absolutely no other aircraft that will provide this level of comfort for you and your passengers. The glare shield has been placed far lower than other aircraft making for great visibility. Even the back seat passengers will have a great view out the front. 

In case it's not obvious there are doors on both sides of the aircraft so you will not have to climb over the console as in other aircraft.
Standard avionics will initially be 2 Garmin G3X touch panels at 10.6" each and a Garmin GTN750. In the middle is a 17" panel that can run either Android or iOS with all your favorite apps as well as the Garmin Pilot app. Above that we have the Garmin GMC305 Autopilot control head unit. Add to this a gear switch and lights and a couple of other items and your panel is complete. Switches for the systems will be on the overhead panel to be within easy reach of the pilot and co-pilot. If and when 14" screens become available they can easily be retrofitted as we have allowed extra space for them.
Here is a closeup of the pilot side glove compartment. It's deeper at the top than the bottom and with enough room to even store a laptop if you place small side brackets so the laptop stays close to the top of the compartment. They measure 15.7" W x 4" H x 7.3" D and 10.3" D on the top. You could easily fit a couple of headsets inside and keep in mind that, unlike a car, there are two glove compartments. That's loads of useful storage space.

In the foreground you can also see the dual interconnected throttle controls. They will each have at least two thumb mounted buttons. One for the go-around for the auto pilot and the other, a momentary press button for the hydraulically operated speed brakes.
As you can see here there is as much space as your regular SUV (the mannequins are 6' tall). The door opening is 45" wide at the mid height level. There is almost as much space in the back as you get in business class on the airlines. No other general aviation aircraft of this size even comes close to this amount of cabin space. Also, there's no need to risk falling by having to climb up onto a wing to get in and out, just slide on in like you do with an SUV.

There's enough room for the back seat passengers to place their luggage on the floor next to them. Of course if you wanted to put 3 across seating in the back, the width at shoulder level is 61". That's definitely a comfy back seat for the kids. In the twin rear seat configuration the space next to the seats is large enough to comfortably place a carry-on bag that measures 24"x14"x12".
As you can see from this cross section there is loads of space. These passengers are 6' tall. Notice the knee room for the rear passenger.
45" wide door openings make it a breeze to get in and out. This pic shows the front seat slid all the way forward. It's seat back will also tilt forward creating even more room to get in and out of the rear seats. You will have over a 2 foot wide opening between the door frame and the back of the front seat.
Side yokes with a lowered pivot point allow for precise and comfortable control of the aircraft while not blocking your view of the panel. The panel is also tilted back so you are looking directly at it. This is far more ergonomic than traditional designs where the panel is simply vertical. There are dual interconnected throttle controls that are positioned perfectly for your hand to fall on while your elbow rests on the center console arm rest.
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