Seat Belts

One of the usual problems associated with aircraft, and even cars, that have a single door and rear seats is getting tangled up in the seat belts when getting in and out of the rear. We wanted to avoid this problem. At the same time we didn't want to have center ceiling mounted belts as they are ugly and obscure the view for the rear seat passengers. 

The solution for the Raptor was to mount the front belts in the doors. Given that the doors and latches are engineered to handle the forces of pressurization it's not really any extra stress to handle the loads from a seat belt. As you can see in this image the result is a very clean design. We will possibly have to use a small retractable wire like those used on ID badges in order to pull the lower part of the belt clear of the retractable step as you see it hanging in this image. The belt must not get trapped behind the step when the door closes.  A minor problem with an easy solution.

Note that the seat belt buckle is not rendered in this image. It will be the sliding kind with a stopper secured into the belt webbing that keeps the buckle right below the pivot point when not in use.
With the door trim removed you can see how the inertial reel is set up (click on the image for a closer view). It mounts into the center door brace that doubles as the arm rest. The pivot point mount is also part of that brace making the whole system rigid. The inertial reel must be mounted vertically and the belt must pull out of it vertically. Because of the curvature of the door the belt comes out vertically and passes behind a horizontal roller that allows it to come further inboard to the pivot point and still operate as designed.

The lower belt mounting is bolted directly into the lower door frame and can pivot to adjust to the forward and backward position of the seat.

With the door open you can see the belt nicely out of the way making for easy access to the rear seats.

From a different angle you can again see the belt up and out of the way. The lowest part of the door is just over 6 feet from the ground and if necessary we can make it's fully opened position even higher simply by adjusting the mounting points of the door piston (as yet, not designed).

Once again, by taking the time to rethink common problems we are engineering a cleaner solution. You're welcome!
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