Sun Visors

Pilot and co-pilot sun visors are integrated into the overhead console. In between them are three bays that will house switches and environmental controls that are in easy reach of both front seats.

Not shown yet are overhead lighting and vents.

Note also that there will be insulation in the spaces between the bracing and there will also be a liner that covers it to make the roof look clean and tidy.
The visors tilt down and out just like any standard automotive visor. We also plan to provide a vanity mirror and small light in the center of each visor.
They also have fold out extensions on either side that make a complete visor that fills the width of the windshield. This will be great for those early morning easterly departures and westward evening flights. You will also have the option to replace the visors with a tinted transparent material if you prefer.
A closer look shows the hinging mechanism that allows the visor to go from completely stowed to pushed right up against the windshield.
And lastly you can rotate the visor to your side and fold out the extension to provide protection from the sun on the side of your face. Note that the windows will be tinted but extra protection is welcome especially at high altitudes.
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