Variable Intake

The Raptor comes with a variable intake that will allow the precise amount of air to the engine no matter what the power setting, altitude or temperature. This image shows the intake in the minimum position. The position will initially be controlled by a trim actuator and a switch on the console. After we do some more testing we may be able to automatically control it using a pressure sensor in the intake.
Here you can see the intake in the full open position.
This image shows the 5 bladed MT propeller design and the intake in the minimum position.
Here is a cross section showing the inside of the variable intake and the plenum that wraps around the PT6 engine. In this case the intake is in the minimum opened position. For a piston engine the plenum can be switched out to any configuration depending on the needs of the engine. A piston engine will still benefit from the variable intake and the inertial separator.
Here you can see the intake in the maximum opened position. Note that the arm that opens the intake was not moved to the open position for this image. 
Here the intake is in the maximum open position and the inertial separator has been activated which allows heavier objects such as ice to flow through while still allowing the engine to draw air. Note that none of the solenoids that open the doors have been shown.
Here you can see the carbon composite engine mount we have designed that will be faster to construct than a steel mount and also stronger, not to mention it looks a lot cooler than a spaghetti steel mount. The rear part of the mount attaches to the main mount and its function is to support the rear of the intake tray as well as the engine cowling. The white fixture in between the engine mount is the intake plenum chamber that provides air to the PT6 engine. For the Hybrid and Adept engines the mount will be a similar design but the plenum will be quite different. 
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