Raptor Diesel - Fiat 1.9L TDI
The Raptor Diesel will be powered by a Fiat 1.9L TDI engine. It will be the same one used on the Hybrid model. This engine is an automotive conversion that will provide the full 250hp for takeoff and climb continuing all the way to FL250 by using a boost pressure up to 2.5bar. Once there you can throttle back for maximum range. 

A high speed cruise using about 230hp will get you about 190 kias or 285 ktas burning about 11gph resulting in about 29mpg. If you throttle back to 150hp you will see about 155 kias or 232 ktas on about 7 gph resulting in about 38mpg. 

Similar to the Hybrid, I bet you're thinking that it's not possible for an aircraft of this size to get better mileage than most cars. Well, using the lastest in automotive diesel technology and an extremely low drag design that's also able to get up to and cruise at FL250 it makes these numbers possible. Not only that but with a 150 gallon fuel capacity you can fly for 20 hours and and cover over 5000 statute miles. Pretty amazing don't you think? Want to travel to Hawaii or Europe, not a problem, and it wont even break the bank in fuel costs.

The engine will be specifically modified for aviation from a modern automotive Fiat engine. It will have a quadruple belt driven PSRU to reduce the prop speed to about 2200rpm. It will have a single power lever, full fadec system. The fuel tanks will be heated by heat from the engine cooling system in order to prevent the diesel fuel from thickening due to the cold temperatures at altitude. If you're running Jet A the heating of the fuel will not generally be required.

Other benefits of this engine are that it burns Jet A or regular Diesel, which is cheaper and more readily available than 100LL. When compared with the Hybrid this setup is lighter as there are no batteries and it's about half the price of the Hybrid powerplant.

The engine will also be extremely quiet and smooth and so will the 5 bladed prop turning at low rpms. You will likely not even need a headset when flying the Raptor Diesel.

The diesel engine is also much better for the environment and non-pilots will not be able to criticize you for wasting fuel given that you will be using less than they burn on a road trip. 

Moving forward you could quite easily convert this setup to the Hybrid model when you feel that the cost and performance of the electric set up are worth the additional investment.

Pure Power will be providing both the Diesel and Diesel-Electric Hybrid Engine. We will be providing more details on the diesel engine as we get them but in the meantime you can visit the Pure Power website.
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